MI Spherule

And here, among other things, is what Opportunity has been spying with its microscopic imager on sol 29. This was made from two MI images that happened to be taken from differing viewpoints, permitting a stereo view and anaglyph of the overlapping area to be made. If viewing the large free-view stereo pair, be sure to pan down and find the "blueberry". Also interesting, for those who like the free-view pairs, is this smaller pair image in which you can view the whole frame at once.

The panes below will pan in the direction shown by the arrows beneath them when you place the mouse over the arrows. Use the leftmost pair for cross-eyed, rightmost for parallel-eyed.

Click on a thumbnail on the right to chose a different pair, or a red-cyan anaglyph of the scene.

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Photos are used courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech