Sliced blueberries

Opportunity's RAT ground into a rock called "McKittrick" on sol 30. Read the details from NASA about the operation. One of the "blueberries" fortuitously found in the rock and cut in half is seen in the bottom of this image.

Please note that the two images used here were not taken for stereoscopic purposes. In fact, they are really much more widely separated than they should be. As a result, the perceived vertical dimension in this pair and accompanying anaglyph is exagerated. It's also apparent in the stereo pair that the quality of the two images differ, but that doesn't detract too much from the combined stereo image.

The viewports below will pan in the direction shown by the arrows beneath them when you place the mouse over the arrows. Use the leftmost pair for cross-eyed, rightmost for parallel-eyed.

Click on a thumbnail on the right to chose a different pair, or a red-cyan anaglyph of the scene.

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Photos are used courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech