Two from Spirit, sols 50 & 51

The first image is of Spirit's examination of soil in the trench it excavated with its wheels. This is from the hazard avoidance cameras; most of the fisheye distortion has been corrected. (Please contact me if you can suggest the best settings for David Hodson's Gimp wideangle plugin for images taken with the 120° hazcams, or if you know of a better Open Source tool for the task.)

The second view is of what we might call "one fine rock, out standing in its field." NASA calls it Humphrey and believes it to be a piece of ejecta from the Bonneville crater. This view was taken with the panoramic cameras. If I read the NASA filenames correctly, the two images were taken with different filters, but the results are close enough that it makes a good stereo image. You might also examine this smaller free-view pair of the entire scene.

The panes below will pan in the direction shown by the arrows beneath them when you place the mouse over the arrows. Use the leftmost pair for cross-eyed, rightmost for parallel-eyed.

Click on a thumbnail on the right to chose a different pair, or a red-cyan anaglyph of the scene.

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Photos are used courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech